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Why Every Businesses Choose Zilo Manager

An all-in-one comprehensive business manager that gives you the insight and visibility you need to make smart decisions and grow your business. Gain insight on how your business is doing in real-time through the dashboard.


Create professional invoices. Make custom invoice layout that reflect your brand. Email or print your invoices. Create estimate and easily convert estimates into invoices. Use thermal line printer for slim invoice design.

Inventory / Stock Management

Manage your different products and inventory level. If you buy and sell products, Zilo ensures that you have enough stock available to meet demand. Stay on top of your stock levels and get everything you need to manage inventory, all in one place.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Powerful POS system use by retailers, restaurants and some service businesses. Save time, use this POS to get your customers out the door fast. Generate sales on the go by using the mobile point of sales app right on your mobile phone.

Profit and Loss

Monitor money coming in and out of your business. Know if you are making profit or losses in real-time by tracking income and expense daily, weekly or monthly on desktop or mobile app. Zilo help you manage customer and supplier, purchase and sales including bank accounts and transactions.

Taxes, Sales and Expense

Track sales tax on income and expenses automatically. Zilo has easy interface for selling products, automatically add walk-In-Customer to speed up the sale process and easily add business expenses to the system.

Bookings and Appointment Management

Easily book and manage appointment for your clients. Perfect for service men and others like cleaners, salon workers, technicians, table reservations, mechanics, etc. And able to send email notifications

Task & Project Management

Improve efficiency and speed up productivity. Now your managers can easily manage tasks, assignment, priorities and get real time updates on project progress. Track time and maintain billable hours, use the clock timer to track the time you spend

Multiple Businesses and Locations

If you have more than one business, Zilo allow you to create multiple businesses and multiple locations for your enterprises. Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business. Also stocks, purchases, sales are tracked separately for each location.

Payroll & Human Resource Management

Manage various aspects of human resources including attendance, holidays, leaves, etc. Messaging system let you send private messages to everyone and allow document storage and share these documents with other users in the organization.

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